ASB sleighs with holiday activities


Anuja Kamatkar

ASB hopes to bring holiday spirit to the school with candy grams and other holiday activities.

The festive smells of candy canes and hot chocolate will soon fill the school’s air as Carlmont’s Associative Student Body (ASB) plans events for the holiday season.

Events such as candy grams and the holiday village are planned for the upcoming week.

Candy grams are a way for people to send a note to someone and spread holiday cheer, and people can write letters to their friends with a candy cane attached to the note for $1. 

ASB will begin selling candy grams during lunch this Friday, and students can continue purchasing them throughout next week. Cards will be distributed to recipients throughout the week. 

“Candy grams definitely make it a little bit more fun to come to school because when you pass them out you get excited if you get one or not. I feel like it brings out the school spirit,” said Siena Farrell, a candy grams co-coordinator. 

Last year, candy grams raised around $400, but ASB hopes to sell more this year. 

“If we sell like we did last year, I think total sales will be around 500,” said Natalie Dronskiy, a candy grams co-coordinator. 

The grams were inspired by other previous holiday grams.

“I know that we had other grams in the past like Valentine’s grams and other candy holiday grams, but none of them have stuck beside the Valentines, so I hope that the candy cane grams will this year,” Dronskiy said.

Beginning Dec. 5, each day of the week will include on-campus holiday-themed activities. 

On Monday, ASB will be organizing cookie decorating in the quad. Tuesday and Wednesday are for decorating ornaments. On Thursday, there will be gingerbread house making.

“Holiday village is in the quad throughout the whole week and ends with Santa in the quad, with holiday-themed activities every day,” said ASB member Arman Agarwal. “It’s basically a way to start off December to make people think of the holidays.” 

ASB also plans to set up a snow machine and a photo booth to take your holiday “elfies” with friends, and clubs will get a chance to express their culture’s holiday traditions on Friday. 

The entire ASB team works to put on these special events for the Carlmont students. It takes lots of preparation and teamwork to put it all together and lighten up the Carlmont spirit. 

“The preparation for these events began a month in advance, to make sure everything was set up and coordinated in time,” said Matthew Abiezzi, ASB’s lunchtime competitive facilitator. 

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I define spirit by, you know, people feeling good, being happy, and having a reason, other than for your education”

— Jim Kelly

ASB hopes to end the first semester on a good note.

“I honestly just want the Carlmont community to go into like the finals feeling a little less stress. We want to make the final moments of the first semester enjoyable. We want to make school more lively and just have good school spirit,” Abiezzi said.

ASB’s efforts liven up the school day by day, and the teamwork is what creates the best memories.

“I define spirit by, you know, people feeling good, being happy, and having a reason, other than for your education. So I think that’s what we try to do,” said ASB’s activities director Jim Kelly.