ASB’s Do Something commission prepares to save lives

There are posters advertising the blood drive all around campus.

Nicole Coleman

There are posters advertising the blood drive all around campus.

ASB students are working non-stop to plan the most successful blood drive that Carlmont has ever had.

For the past month, the students in the Do Something commission have been working to plan a blood drive that could potentially save the lives of hundreds of people around the country.

For some of the commissioners like Ryan Irwin, a junior, this isn’t an unfamiliar challenge. However, for others like sophomore Kya Whiting, it is a brand new experience and an opportunity to explore the ins and outs of ASB.

Over the years, the blood drive has evolved into what it is now.

“When we first started doing the blood drive years ago, we used the Red Cross. And then about three, four years ago, we started using Stanford,” Irwin said.

Originally, Red Cross would supply them with consent forms, sign-up sheets, and any other materials they might need. Now, the Stanford Blood Center does the same.

“They give us all the different forms and paper requirements for what we need to plan all of it. So consent forms, sign up sheets, different reminders. So they give us a lot of materials,” Irwin said.

Even though Stanford Blood Center provides materials, the success of the drive relies on the participants. The commission’s main goal is to make sure that every participant can get the most out of it and hopefully, encourage them to come back next year.

“When you donate, you can also save up to three lives. So it’s just a very good way to give back to your community,” said Paige Wellman, a sophomore on the Do Something commission.

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