Basketball season begins


With football behind, the new season of winter and its sports emerge.

The Carlmont Scots Varsity Basketball team has been working hard to prepare for their upcoming season. With their first game soon approaching in the Bud Bresnahan Blue and Gold Tournament at Jefferson high school against Galileo High School.

IMG_4729Head coach Patrick Smith said, “We had some players that moved up from the Frosh-Soph team this year as well as returning players. Our team is young [three sophomores and one freshman] but they have proven that hard work pays off. They’re [team] very energetic and quick on their feet, so people are going to have to keep up with us.”

One of the moved up sophomores is shooting-guard Glenn Smyth. Smyth is excited to be playing on the new team for the new level competition.

“It feels good to be on varsity because it’s more of a challenge and the competition is better. I think we’re going to do great this year. I’m so excited, it’s going to be a blast,” said Smyth.

Coach Smith plans to spice things up and introduce his team to new strategies that can be applied offensively and defensively.

“I think every year you should change things up, so it doesn’t get stale or predictable. Mixing things up helps to make sure the kids [basketball players] don’t get bored and keeps them engaged,” said Smith.

Freshman and power forward Jacob Llyod said, “It feels good to be a freshman [with] the varsity players. They [team] are all really supportive towards me and always help me.”

Returning senior player Joseph Pitocchi said, ” The team is working really great together so far. I’m looking forward to the quad games, they’re [quad games] always so fun.”

With a promising season ahead of them, the Scots varsity basketball team plan to once ago place in Central Coast Section (CCS) and make it to the finals through working as a team and giving their best everyday on the court.