Basketball tryouts aren’t all about skills


Savannah Velschow

Throughout the JV girls basketball tryouts, the girls showed great sportsmanship. Not only is sportsmanship friendly, but it is also a key part to making this year’s team.

Players trying out for JV girls basketball worked hard for three days straight to fight for a spot on the team. The tryout for JV was mixed with varsity players as well, so the players were forced to step up their game against a higher competitor.

There were around 25 girls who were at the tryout, but only 12 players will make the team on JV this season. As the girls played, they worked on passing, shooting, and guarding, but skill was not the only thing these players portrayed. 

As the tryout began, the players stretched in a large circle to get their muscles ready to play. Throughout the warmups, the girls chatted with one another, telling each other about their days and speaking about the classes they had that afternoon. It was clear the players were friends with one another, something which was reflected in their excellent communication throughout the tryout.

Savannah Velschow
The girls stretch out to prepare themselves for their tryout.

“The coach looks at not just skills but being able to encourage your teammates and overall being a good team player,” said Maliyah Murphy, a sophomore that played on JV girls basketball last season.

The team proved Murphy’s words true when the players began to work on lay-ups and passing. The gym seemed to erupt with communication as each player yelled as they were passing or hustling towards the basket. 

The tryout continued, and the players’ sportsmanship spread within the gym. The girls did not hesitate a second to give another player a high five or compliment a player on making a nice shot or a good block.

At one point during the practice, sophomore Joslyn Moore fell in a game of four-on-four. As Moore hit the floor, all seven other players on the court rushed to help her up and ask if she was okay. Moore was completely fine, but the girls once again showed their dedication to one another on the court.

Savannah Velschow
Teammates lift sophomore Joslyn Moore off the floor and get back to the tryout.

“Sportsmanship and a positive attitude are a huge part of making the team. When players play hard, work well together, and celebrate their teammates’ accomplishments, basketball is a lot more fun for everyone,” said Erin Hoops, the JV girls basketball head coach. 

As the tryout went on, the players continued to exemplify a good attitude with excellent communication and precise basketball technique, but that is not all the girls need to make the team. 

“Players must have a 2.0 GPA to play, but we would like to see even higher GPAs. School is important,” Hoops said. 


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