Boys JV lacrosse’s thirst for win against Aragon left unquenched


Trey Chock

Sophomore Luke Adams and the rest of the JV team were left exhausted after the close match against the Aragon Dons.

Trey Chock, Staff Writer

Boys JV lacrosse faced the Aragon Dons in a close match on April 18, resulting in an 8-5 loss for the Scots.

The Scots started the match off strong with a quick offensive upon the Dons’ half but resulted in a blocked shot, which was just returned as a goal just as fast, putting Aragon in the lead early on. Following the early score, the Dons were not afraid to get physical, resulting in two of their players being sent off the pitch, and giving the Scots the advantage they needed to maintain possession of the ball. This was not enough, however, as the opposition maintained its defense and managed to score another goal off of a blocked pass.

This surprising turn of events wasn’t enough to faze the Scots, as they pushed forward and quickly scored their first goal just minutes later, but this momentum didn’t last. Halfway through the second quarter, the game slowed to a halt, with neither team gaining any ground. In spite of this, Carlmont’s offense was able to rally together and tie the game at the half with just seconds left on the clock.

At the beginning of the second half, the Dons seemed focused upon beating the Scots’ offense, literally, as Parker English, a freshman, was swatted multiple times by the Dons’ defense. Shortly after, Brock Lotti, a junior, was also hit in the leg.

As payback, the Scots scored a goal and put themselves in the lead with a score of 3-2. However, revenge went both ways, as the Dons quickly tied the game with a low shot to the home team’s goal. With this, the Dons continued to gain ground, pushing the score all the way up to 7-3. Carlmont’s goalie, Max Jacobs, a sophomore, seemed to be losing hope on the field as goal after goal slipped by his grasp.

This lack of hope was evident amongst the entire team, as the Scots began to miss consecutive shots and rush their offensive maneuvers.

However, Nathan Durrans, a sophomore, kept his composure and pushed the Scots a little bit closer to a tie with a goal to finish off the third quarter. He was unable to continue to do much on his own, as he lacked the support of a full team behind him.

“A couple of people were absent because they were sick, so that definitely put us a couple of men down. It caused us to be a lot more tired,” said sophomore John Griesbach.

At the beginning of the fourth quarter, the Dons seemed committed to maintaining their lead with a goal being scored almost immediately, making the score 8-4. The break in between quarters wasn’t one-sided, however, as the Scots found hope in scoring their first goal in nearly ten minutes. The Dons, with their full team advantage over the home team, was able to run down the time of the game, ending in an 8-5 victory for Aragon.

The Dons, with their full team advantage over the home team, was able to run down the time of the game, ending in an 8-5 victory for Aragon.

Spectator Jonathan Deridal, a sophomore, said, “The Scots were able to tie the game, but they lacked endurance, allowing the other team to pull ahead and win.”

After this defeat, the Scots will go on to play their rival, Sequoia, on April 20.

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