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Carlmont choir enchants the audience during choir cabaret

Inaaya Omer
Darcy Pelham sings Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid. “This Cabaret show was my first time performing a solo and having a bit of stage fright, I was very hesitant to even audition for the solo because it felt like a very vulnerable thing to do,” Pelham said. “It ended up being a really really fun experience for me because I gained a lot more confidence, I was really proud of my performance and how it went, but ultimately I was proud that I had put myself out there.”

The Carlmont choir enchanted the audience with a Disney-themed serenade in the annual Choir Cabaret show. 

On Nov. 9, Carlmont choir students performed their annual Choir Cabaret show, with this year’s theme being “The Happiest Place on Earth.”

“People can show off their respective talents when it comes to singing and what they want to perform under a specific theme,” said Marlo Lewis, a senior at Carlmont and a co-president of the Choir Council.

The Choir Cabaret is an annual performance where students perform songs of their choice in solos, small groups, or larger groups. Genevieve Tep, the Carlmont choir teacher, decides which songs make the cut, but students can audition and perform any song of their choice. 

“Everybody chooses what songs they want to do in solos, ensembles, and big acapella groups,” Tep said.

The Choir Cabaret is entirely student-run, and the choir council manages the show and makes decisions regarding the performance. 

“We have to help organize everybody and make sure everyone’s on track. We made a lot of decisions as the Choir Council about things like if we’re providing food or not for the audience,” Lewis said.

Preparation for the show was done independently, and students would have to find time to practice outside of choir classes. This was challenging for many, as they had to find time to meet with their group members amid their hectic schedules.

It’s been challenging to meet up with my group, especially this week because there are so many other things going on.

— Nidhi Parvathaneni

“It’s been challenging to meet up with my group, especially this week, because there are so many other things going on,” said Nidhi Parvathaneni, a sophomore in the Carlmont choir.

Many students also chose to perform a self-written song, which was a challenging process for some. 

“Writing my own song was challenging as It takes a while to write the lyrics, get the tune for the lyrics, as well as find some way to do the background track,” Parvathaneni said.

The Choir Cabaret show has been performed for many years, and many choir students, such as Lewis, have been participating for several years. 

“I did it sophomore year, junior year, and now this year,” Lewis said.

Choir students also plan to showcase their skills in the upcoming winter concert on Dec. 15 and Dec. 16 and in the Holiday Sing-Along on Dec. 3. 

Although preparations for the Choir Cabaret were hectic at times, the event proved to be a fun and exciting experience for many.

“I’m stressed out just because I have a lot to get together for myself. It’s a huge group, but that makes it so much fun,” Lewis said.

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Linda Reeder, Staff Writer
Linda Reeder (Class of 2026) is a sophomore and this is her first year in Carlmont journalism. She is a staff writer who covers campus news. She enjoys baking, reading, pilates, and hanging out with friends.
Inaaya Omer, Highlander Managing Editor
Inaaya Omer is a senior at Carlmont High School and has worked on ScotScoop, Scotcenter, and Highlander as a staff writer, podcast producer, and managing editor. She enjoys being part of the program because of the valuable experiences and interactions with the community. She also attended the School of New York Times to improve her editing skills. Outside of journalism, she plays for Carlmont’s Varsity Basketball Team and is involved in events and activities to show her school spirit. Twitter: @inaayaomer  

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