Carlmont dance goes around the globe


An impressive lift, and split made by

Alex Wildman, Staff Writer

On Friday, Dec. 6, Carlmont Dance put on their winter showcase with a variety of performances representing holiday celebrations from around the world.

The dance studio was decorated for the occasion with colored lights, a sparkling white tree, and banners with holiday phrases from some of the countries that were included in the show.

Although only intermediate and advanced dance students took part in the performance, the beginner classes also did their part of decorating the studio.

Sophomore Jacey Phipps, who is in the beginner dance class, said, “All three of the beginner dance classes helped decorate. My class put up the Christmas tree and we put the streamers up too.”

The show had a great turn out. The whole dance studio filled with parents and students that came to support their family and friends.

Sophomore Samantha Pipkin said, “I also thought it was nice that we got to see some of our close friends perform at our own school.”

Junior Neeshae Wain said, “I went to see Miranda, Taty, and Syd… basically to see my friends perform.”

Before the show, dance teacher Ame Secrist gave a warm welcome to all those in attendance and said that not only did the dancers learn their respective dances, but that they also researched the cultures and celebrations which they were representing.

Sophomore Sierra Segal was one of the dancers who participated in the show. Segal said, “It was really a cultural experience. It was nice to be able to have all of that in such a short time period.”

Senior Marissa da Costa said, “It was different than what we did last year, and it was nice to see all the different cultures.” She added, “I think the show went pretty well and it was super fun!”

The show was not only an experience for the dancers, but also for the audience.

Before each performance, senior dancers introduced the act with a brief history on the culture and tradition which it represented.

Phipps said, “I thought it was cool how they all did a different holiday from the wintertime, and I liked a lot of their outfits.”

Pipkin said, “The performance definitely made me excited for the holidays by spreading a lot of cheer and Christmas spirit.”

Carlmont dance gave the audience a great, culturally enriching performance to wrap up the winter semester.