‘Centuries’ is the next teenage anthem

Cover art for Fall Out Boys  new single

Cover art for Fall Out Boy’s new single

Kiera Pendleton-White, Staff Writer

“Centuries” came as a tremendous surprise to Fall Out Boy fans.

The band Fall Out Boy released the single in the middle of their US tour Monumentour with Paramore. The tour was for “Saving Rock and Roll,” the band’s first album since their hiatus began in 2009.

The single shows a shift in the band’s style from the punk pop style of “Saving Rock and Roll” to rock. This change has sparked controversy in Fall Out Boy fans since the band has seemed to have left their punk pop roots found in their pre-hiatus albums such as “Folie à Deux.”

“The change is expected, and it shouldn’t be as big of a controversy as it is,” said junior Claire Gonzalez.

In “Centuries,” lead singer Patrick Stump displays the extent of his vocal ability throughout the song. The band also mixed in pieces from another song, “Tom’s Diner,” written by Suzanne Vega, in the beginning and end of the song, immediately intriguing listeners through a wave of nostalgia.

But it isn’t just the music that makes this song interesting. It also has extremely powerful lyrics that is easy for Fall Out Boy’s primarily teenage audience to relate to.

“You can tell Fall Out Boy knows exactly who their audience is,” said Gonzalez.

The lyrics express the desire to be immortal and remembered forever, which is reflected in a majority of today’s youth.

Overall, the song is a great song that can be considered a teenage anthem. It definitely deserves a listen, even by those who are not fans of songs that fall in the pop punk genre.

“Centuries” shows that Fall Out Boy seems to be revitalized after their long hiatus period, and that we can expect more great songs in the future.