Choir pie day brings singers together


Inaaya Omer

Emily Mannion, a junior and choir council member, cuts pie slices for choir students.

Every year, Carlmont choir students partake in a bonding event the day before Thanksgiving break. Traditionally, this event was a Friendsgiving lunch party hosted by choir teacher Genevieve Tep and the choir council. To comply with new regulations, however, the party was transformed into “pie day,” where choir kids could swing by the choir room and grab a piece of pie.

Sophomore Soniya Kamatkar is a choir student who helped with the setup for pie day. She believes that this program helped her meet new people. She also enjoyed the opportunity pie day gave to her and her choir class to bond with the other choirs at the school.

“The choir program is really fun. I’ve met a lot of new people through the program, and pie day is a great way to bond with people from other choirs,” Kamatkar said.

Sophomore Max Sinha is an involved member of the Carlmont community and is part of one of the school’s choirs. They believe this event improves students’ spirit and brings people closer together. 

“[Pie day is] just a nice bonding thing. I think it’s just a nice, fun, little treat for us,” Sinha said. 

Tep didn’t want the choir students to miss out on another Friendsgiving; this led her and the choir council to find a way to host an event that could be hosted regardless of restrictions. She emphasized the importance of ensuring that the opportunity for choir kids to meet and bond with others wasn’t taken away again.

“We’re trying to find any excuse we possibly can to help the choir kids find connections across the choirs,” Tep said. 

[Pie day is] just a nice bonding thing. I think it’s just a nice, fun, little treat for us.”

— Max Sinha