Choir takes on the evolution of pop


Connie Yi

Soloist Jill Albertson performs at the concert.

Connie Yi, Staff Writer

Preparing for the Evolution of Pop concert, right after the Gala performance is adding pressure to the students to perfect their pieces of music.

“We are singing some of the same music that we sung at the Gala performance but now it’s all about the perfecting,” said choir president, Tori Hall.

For generations one mic was passed around.

With the theater filled to the brim, its spotlight shined on the close bond the choir students demonstrated with their performance.

“There is a brotherly bond between all of us. It feels like family,” said Chris Park, a freshman in Men’s Choir.

For many years choir has been hosting concerts to fundraise for the year.

Many students start off in choir freshman year and stick with it until senior year.

Many seniors are in multiple choirs. One example is senior Dario Johnson, who is in Fine tuning, Out of the Blue, and Chamber Singers.

Johnson joined choir in the second semester of freshman year and loved it so much that he became a respected student to younger students.

“The fact that people are respecting me as a senior surprises me because I never expected [that] people actually cared,” said Dario Johnson.

“Choir is like my second home. There is no place I feel more happy and content,” said choir president Tori Hall, who sings in Out of the Blue, Chamber Singers, and Melodynamics (Show Choir).

Although most students are enthusiastic about the concert, the preparation is not all fun and games.

Students put all their effort toward perfecting the concert.

Hall said, “I think that for Chamber the most difficult song is probably ‘If you can only see’ because there is a lot of really hard rhythmic stuff, and the parts are very different. For Singing Scots we worked a lot on ‘Stay with me’ because it was arranged by two of our choir students and there was a lot of perfecting to do. For Out of the blue, ‘I can do that’ [took special attention] because it is a Jazz arrangement.”

Johnson said, “It is a really good place to grow. I wouldn’t have dreamed of all the opportunities I had [as] a choir student. I have been in band for eight years, and I just dropped it because [I wasn’t getting] much from it. The connections I [gain from] choir is incomparable.”