Christian Club makes a fresh start


Thomas Chin

Christian Club has high hopes for the new year.

Taran Sun, Scot Scoop Editor

A community of God, a community of open arms. That is what Carlmont’s Christian Club aims to bring to campus.

Junior Molly McDowell, Vice President of Christian Club, said, “The goal of the club is to be a group of people that anyone can join and feel welcomed, and it’s important to [have] a presence in our school so we can help others.”

As the new school year kicks into motion, the members of the club have high hopes for the future.

Senior Kelly Olivier, President of Christian Club, said, “This year, I would really like to spend time with fellow Christians, study the Bible, and just have fun.”

Christian Club meets Wednesdays in classroom C-13.

In past years, Christian Club has been small in comparison to many of the other Carlmont clubs. This year, that is one of the things that club members hope to improve by becoming more open to the school.

McDowell said, “I would like the club to expand and for people to see us as a presence on campus. I hope that we can make an impact for the better on the school.”

Freshman Kalea Pasion said, “In my eyes, the club goals are to spread the Word of God, not only within our club, but to extend it to everyone else as well. I also think another important purpose of the club is to be available for support and prayer for everyone, including non-Christians.”

The members of the club have already started to come up with ideas for how to give back to the community.

Olivier said, “We have started to plan opportunities [for doing] service work and helping out in local areas.”

Pasion said, “I feel [that] as a club, we should get involved in some youth events that some of our churches offer. I agree that another good goal is to do some community benefit projects.”

In addition to these positive goals, Christian club has an additional message for people of all beliefs.

McDowell said, “I hope that anything that we do as a community in the school will encourage people that are nervous about being openly religious in school, including people who practice religions other than Christianity. It would be great if we could show people that they should be proud of any religion.”