Hope Brigade organizes a potluck to end a successful year


Tyler Dartnell

Students of Hope Brigade begin eating at the potluck to end a successful year.

Hope Brigade is a club that offers aid to people with cancer in hospitals in forms of gifts and appreciation.

After a year of success, a potluck was held on May 17  to celebrate the end to a productive year.

According to students in the club, everyone was excited about the party because there were food and time to socialize.

“I think the potluck was for fun, and it was beneficial because it was a good way to show appreciation and celebrate the year,” said Cindy Chen, the president of Hope Brigade.

Some preparation was necessary so that event would go smoothly, but according to Chen, it was easy with the help of her club advisor. Many people in the club participated by bringing food and desserts to contribute to the variety of food that was present at the party.

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Apart from the preparation, people in the club also got to share this celebration with new people.

“We got to talk with different people that I never talked to before. This was a great end of the year because we got to share it with different people instead of the same people,” said Tomas Ronderos, a sophomore and a member of Hope Brigade.

For some members, the potluck was a time to reflect on all they had accomplished over the year.

“The year was overall very successful, but it was the potluck that really made me realize it. It has been a truly productive year, and a potluck was the perfect way to end it,” said Ben Pasion, sophomore, and member of Hope Brigade.

Club members thoroughly enjoyed the potluck. According to many Hope Brigade members, it was the perfect way to end the year. Hope Brigade looks forward to an equally if not more productive year next year.