Conspiracy theories don’t hide in plain sight


Mari Ramirez

One outlet for people to learn more about conspiracy theories is YouTube.

From rumors about government surveillance to conjectures about celebrity deaths, conspiracy theories have become more popular than one may have expected. 

It’s not entirely known when conspiracy theories first took off, but they have been a considerable part of modern society for a long time. 

Conspiracy theories are found on multiple media platforms such as Reddit and YouTube. Two YouTubers in particular, Shane Dawson and Bella Fiori, are especially known for making popular conspiracy theory videos on their channels. 

In addition to these platforms, some celebrities have become vocal about the theories that they believe in. For example, rapper B.o.B has mentioned that he strongly believes that the Earth is flat.

Not only do some famous public figures believe in these theories, but many have become the center of one. Some of the most famous and prominent conspiracies about celebrities include the theory that Britney Spears is a clone and that Steve Wonder isn’t actually blind. 

But, these conspiracy theories can seem to be blown out of proportion or impossible, but there are a few out there that have people pondering whether they are true or not.

For instance, the infamous Mattress Firm chain has been theorized to be a money-laundering operation.

“I can honestly see the Mattress Firm conspiracy theory being real because there is no reason for multiple stores to be on the same street, ” said Maddy Becker, a junior. “To add on, it makes sense for there to be so many Starbucks stores because a lot of people drink coffee. But, no one buys mattresses that often, and the stores always look empty. To me, it seems a little suspicious, so I understand why people have created conspiracy theories about it.”

With countless ideas within arms reach, it doesn’t take a lot to accidentally get sucked into the whole conspiracy phenomenon. 

“I’ve accidentally started watching one YouTube video about conspiracy theories, and the next thing I know, I’ve spent the past hour watching them,” said Tony Marin, a junior. 

However, some students realize that these theories are simply just theories and don’t pay much attention to them.

“I’ve dabbled in some YouTube videos, but I’ll only watch one in a sitting and have enough after that,” said Eli Wallow, a junior. 

And although some theories seem absurd, most people remember that it’s only an idea that doesn’t have credible evidence to back it up.

“Sometimes, I don’t understand how people buy into the conspiracy theories that the Holocaust didn’t happen or that the moon landing is fake. There isn’t anything to corroborate it, but I guess that’s the whole point of a conspiracy theory, and I shouldn’t take it so seriously,” Becker said.

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