Contrary to lyrics, Chris Brown proves he may be dangerous

Contrary to lyrics, Chris Brown proves he may be dangerous

Iris Berber, Staff Writer

Almost five years after singer Chris Brown’s first scandal leaked to the public, he just can’t seem to get rid of his bad reputation.

In 2009, Brown allegedly abused his current girlfriend Rihanna. Reports leaked out showing that Rihanna had clearly been bruised and injured from the incident. Although Brown was placed on probation, Rihanna refused to aid in further investigations toward the case.

With his constant release of new music and appearance in pop media, some began to clear Brown’s slate in hopes that he had let go of his violent history. However, Brown reminded his audience that he still had the fight in him.

As of Oct. 27 of this year, Brown may potentially be at risk of violating his probation due to another assault. This time the victim was 20-year-old Parker Isaac Adams who had supposedly instigated the conflicts by photobombing the singer.

The Urban Dictionary defines photobombing as the act of dropping in on a picture unexpectedly– right at the last second. According to recent encounters, Brown is not a fan.

Whilst Brown was posing for a picture with some fans outside of a hotel in Washington, D.C., the victim and his friend jumped in just as the shot was taken and angered Brown. As a result, Brown had punched Adams in the face, resulting in Adams’ hospitalization for a broken nose.

Currently, Brown is awaiting charges and possibly fours years of jail time for his actions.

Given Brown’s past record of violence and anger management issues, his song that had been released in March 2013, “Fine China,” raised some objections among listeners. The lyrics, which state, “It’s alright, I’m not dangerous,” did not seem to be accurately in accordance with his personal history.

Carlmont senior Jenny Chen stated, “He is a joke. I didn’t even know he was still famous.”

While the young demographics are mostly aware of Brown’s continuous success, many would agree that he certainly should not be as famous after his first incident.

Several people argue that Brown seems to be held at a lower standard due to his fame.

“I didn’t follow the event when they happened, but if Chris Brown abused anyone at all, I’m not okay with it–no matter how popular he thinks he is,” said senior Miles Coe.

Along with numerous websites and possible shrines dedicated to Brown, his career is additionally highlighted with sites that oppose this positive attention. For example, Tumblr bloggers have essentially created a site to emphasize Brown’s faults. You can take a look at it here:

The site uses both quotes from Brown himself along with responses from commenters to serve as a reminder of his past.

Yet Brown has also maintained a fanbase solid enough to keep his career alive. Although, his fans’ own judgement has been questioned due to their willingness to justify Brown’s actions.

However despite both ends of the battle, Brown doesn’t let the audience phase him or his success. Unfortunately this time, things may not be alright for Brown, because to the vast majority of the public he does in fact appear to be dangerous.

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