‘Dodger’ delivers action and comedy


The book cover for “Dodger.”

A “tosher” is a person who scavenges the sewer, searching through the filth for money and valuables. This is the lifestyle of the protagonist of Sir Terry Pratchett’s Dodger, a young man who is the namesake of the novel.

Dodger follows the journey of the street rat Dodger, beginning with the discovery of a mysterious girl known only as Simplicity, who has barely escaped with her life from a vengeful husband. Dodger travels through his home of Victorian London to protect this girl, encountering many well- known historical and fictional figures, including the famous writer Charles Dickens, the infamous crazed barber Sweeney Todd, and the influential politician Benjamin Disraeli.

Dodger quickly rises through the ranks of society, from a tosher to respected young man. He develops a great deal through the events of his story, and is instantly likeable due to his sharp wit and hilarious commentary.

The novel is full of comedy and prose, and is not only enjoyable to read piece by piece, but also unfolds very well as a coherent story, albeit a rather straightforward one. While many foreign words from the novel’s time periodare present, Dodger does a delightful job of teaching the reader the new vocabulary.

Overall, Dodger is a fast- paced and witty experience that will leave you searching for more.

The book cover for "Dodger."
The book cover for Dodger