The Love Blog: Don’t dread Valentine’s Day


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Valentine’s Day is a day for love, but many think that it’s constricted to just romantic love.

Dear fellow single people,

You’re not alone. Don’t worry; we’re here for you.

Valentine’s Day is one of the most painful days of the year for us. Every year, we suffer as we watch couples hug and kiss one another, constantly being reminded of our nonexistent romantic love life. However, what if we said that this day doesn’t have to be so sad?

We — Sam and Anna, the two single people of the “Is This Love?” crew — are here to help you through this devastating time. We have four simple but effective ways to distract you from all of the romantic love this Valentine’s Day.


The best way to distract yourself is food. Feeling sad? Eat food. Feeling happy? Celebrate with food. For any emotion or circumstance, food is there for you. Look up new baking recipes to try out — maybe you’ve always wanted to try making a strawberry cheesecake, or maybe you’ve been dying to try that new red velvet recipe. Even if baking isn’t for you, a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is always waiting for you in the frozen food aisle.


What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than with your fellow single friends? In the excitement of the chocolates, teddy bears, and flowers, we often forget about friendship. Take your friends to a coffee shop or go on a hike and commemorate Valentine’s Day by showering your friends with love.


One of the most glossed-over forms of love is familial love. Throw it way back to when you were a kid and when you spent more time with your family. Play some Scrabble, cook dinner with your mom, or squabble with your siblings in yet another stalemate game of Monopoly. Take this opportunity to appreciate all the familial love you’ve been given in the past and give some of that love back in return.


Treat yourself! Buy one of those over-priced bath bombs from Lush, light some candles, sit back, and relax. Maybe even stream your favorite Netflix show and just let your worries leave your body; become one with your inner self. Or, if you don’t prefer baths, go on a date with yourself, literally. Buy some flowers and chocolate, go in front of the mirror, and ask yourself out. Of course, you would have to say yes. Then, you can go wherever you want without anyone complaining. Enjoy being your own boo!

So with this, we hope that your Valentine’s Day is a little brighter this year. Remember, love isn’t always about a significant other, so expand your horizons and spread love to everyone.


Sam & Anna