Feminist club aims to promote gender equality

Naomi Asrir, Art Team

Similar to other clubs at Carlmont aiming to give voice to several minority groups, the Feminist Club strives to educate students on the principles of feminism while discussing current events regarding gender bias in the media, politics, and more.

The club is jointly administered by seniors Elise Dimick and Sophie Fox.

Claire Porter, a Carlmont graduate, poses with a sign explaining why she needs feminism. Photo provided by Claire Porter.

“We want to educate students about feminism and what it entails, expose students to the political, economic, and social injustices females endure, raise awareness about sexual assault and rape culture, empower others to speak out against sexism and gender discrimination, and hopefully create a more positive outlook towards feminism at Carlmont,” said Dimick.

Gender superiority is prevalent in aspects of society today, and the Feminist Club holds weekly meetings with a focused topic and group discussion.

Fox said, “Our lunchtime meetings will range from discussions to short movies about women’s rights to other fun and interactive activities about feminism, body positivity, and more.”

Apart from the meetings, members may decide to share articles they find interesting or relevant to the club on the “Carlmont Feminist Club” Facebook page. With at least one new post a day, discussion is constantly changing.

The Facebook group is an awesome place for people to share articles or videos or opinions about feminism or other issues and ideas outside of the actual meetings,” said senior Emily Rudger. “Even people from other schools are contributing to the online group.”

It is important to note that feminism is not valuing one gender over another, but rather equality between the different sexes. Both male and females, young and old are involved in the online discussion.

Dimick said, “A feminist is someone who believes in gender equality. All genders can partake in this belief.”

Carlmont graduate and University of Southern California freshman Claire Porter said, “I believe guys who do not consider themselves as feminists either don’t know what the definition is or have a confidence and pride problem.”

Carlmont’s Feminist Club welcomes anyone to partake in the discussion of gender rights.