Finals are looming over Carlmont


Connor Lin

Sophomore Katie Gray reviews information for her chemistry final.

Connor Lin, Staff Writer

Students are feeling the overwhelming pressure to study hard and prepare for the stressful time to come: finals week.

The week for final exams begins on Dec. 14, and many students are stressed over the amount of studying and review needed to be done for each class.

Sophomore Ogden Asmar said, “I am stressed from finals due to all of the extensive review work that my classes assign to me. I know that I will have to study a lot for my classes, which contributes to my high levels of stress.”

With only a few more days before grades become definite for the semester, dead week has left many students concerned about where they stand in their classes.

Finals don’t only stress out students; they also have an impact on teachers. Some teachers feel overwhelmed during the week of final exams and the review weeks prior to them.

Spanish teacher Carly Gatzert said, “Finals preparation can be very stressful for teachers because we need to make sure that all material is covered. For language teachers, it can be extremely stressful because there are multiple exams that students need to take. Listening to each student complete an oral final can also be tedious.”

The stress of final exams affect students of all grade levels. However, it can be extremely burdensome on freshmen, due to needing to adjust to the new high school environment. Finals are new to freshmen and the pressure to do well can be stressful.

Freshman Kaylie Moropoulos said, “Finals are a big burden of stress on me because this is my first year of high school. Middle school did not have any finals, and reviewing this much material for a single test is very stressful.”

Final exams occur once a semester, so students experience this level of stress at least twice per school year. With finals around the corner, many students will spend the next few days reviewing material for their classes, and resting up for the stressful week to come.

Gatzert said, “Though it has been said many times, teachers are always here to help students who need assistance in understanding material, and we are understanding of the stress levels of our students.”