Girls pick comfort over looks


Male wearing baggy jeans.

Ariana Crame, Staff Writer

For many girls, jeans are not the most comfortable article of clothing.

Sophomore Natalie Stainton said, “I don’t think jeans are comfortable because they don’t have a lot of breathing room and they are just over all uncomfortable to sit in and maneuver in.”

“Maybe the reason why I don’t think jeans are comfortable at all could be because I haven’t found the right brand, but to me they are so uncomfortable because they’re just so tight and heavy,” said sophomore Cheyenne Torres.

Most girls wear yoga pants or leggings instead of jeans, and many say they are more comfortable. Once they’ve worn something less restrictive it’s hard to go back to the discomfort of jeans.

Both Torres and Stainton wear yoga pants or leggings to school every day. Stainton said, “I don’t wear jeans. I literally live in yoga pants.”

Most boys don’t have the same problem as girls do because their jeans are worn fashionably loose. The stylish jeans for girls are a lot tighter than most guys’ jeans, so in order for girls to wear jeans they have to suffer, unlike boys.

Torres said, “I think girls find jeans more uncomfortable than boys because girls have the option to wear leggings, whereas boys don’t really have that option. Guys’ jeans are much more loose and easier to move in.”

Freshman Lucas Moody doesn’t have a problem with jeans. Moody said, “I wear jeans most of the time. I think jeans are comfortable because unlike khakis or cargo pants, they usually fit to your legs pretty well and they have durability that keeps you warm, yet aerate well enough to keep you from getting overheated.”

Torres said, “I only wear jeans when I run out of leggings or sweats, or if I’m going to a nicer place than school.”

Luckily girls have alternatives to jeans. Boys do too, but their alternative doesn’t need to be used as much as girls because they wear a different, more pleasant style of jeans. At the moment, fashion’s demands are favoring the male gender, but maybe in the near future girls will be given a little more leg room when it comes to denim.