Girls varsity basketball fights hard until the end


Izzy Mitchell

Carlmont’s center Alyssa Hayes takes a free throw after getting fouled during a drive to the basket.

Jordan Hanlon, Editor-in-Chief of The Highlander

Carlmont’s girls varsity basketball team suffered a rough loss against Menlo Atherton at their first home quad game.

The players went on the court after both JV basketball teams had already been defeated by Menlo Atherton, but it didn’t cause any energy from the players or the crowd to be lost. Carlmont’s Screamin’ Scots began to fill the bleachers, cheering on the girls loudly, and making the game even more intense.

“I enjoyed the game a lot. I know MA is a good team, but I feel like we were never out of the game. I think that the intensity throughout showed that it’s going to be a good season, and hopefully the girls varsity team wins a lot of games,” said Screamin’ Scots member and senior Sam Levy.

Although the team lost, they played hard defense and made sure Menlo Atherton was challenged throughout the entire game.

After the opposing team scored the first basket of the game, the Scots came out strong and ready to play hard, but it just wasn’t enough. Junior and varsity player Alyssa Hayes led the Scots, scoring 11 points and playing aggressively throughout the entire game.

While Hayes dominated in offensive rebounds and drives to the basket, she also managed to draw fouls, proceeding to making four of her seven free throws.

“During the game we had a lot of good moments, but they weren’t consistent, which is what caused the loss. I think I could have played better defense, but as a team I think we can transition down the court faster. MA was faster than us and they used it to their advantage,” said Hayes.

In the third quarter, it seemed as if Carlmont was on a scoring streak, but so was Menlo Atherton. By that time, it was too late for Carlmont to come back. Both teams played tenaciously and fought for the ball, resulting in over 17 foul calls and seven turnovers.

“What really affected us in the fourth quarter was we were missing a lot of our little shots. We definitely need to make more of our lay-ups in the future,” said junior and varsity point guard Hannah Wright.

Even though Carlmont ended up losing 63-43, their determination was not crushed. The Scots will play Menlo Atherton again on Feb. 5.