‘Gravity’ is an out there thriller


Julian Smith, Staff Writer

“Gravity,” living up to all of its hype, is an impressive showcase of jaw-dropping special effects paired with the fragile nature of our human race.

With many movies of this sort, it takes the viewer to let go of rational and reality in order to truly grasp and enjoy the film. But “Gravity,” largely in part to the fact that both George Clooney and Sandra Bullock play their roles to perfection, places the moviegoer in an ever realistic experience all the way through, a true testament to the innovative and cutting-edge effects employed in the film.

Director Alfonso Cuaron does an amazing job of drawing distinctions between the elements of beauty and horror, and love and loss.

The beauty of the sun engulfing the seemingly small earth is then artfully contrasted by the horror of the unthinkable, facing definite doom aimlessly floating in the beautiful abyss.

“Gravity” is of such a huge concept, space and its mysteries, while never forgetting to pay close attention to the finest details. The true gravity of the situation is relatable to the entire audience, placing both Clooney and Bullock in a life-threatening situation with what seems no way to get out.

Bullock plays a first-time astronaut, who is nevertheless very accomplished in what she does, who is diligent about her work and wants to get her job done, not to mention she has the weight of the universe resting on her shoulders.

Contrary to Bullock, Clooney plays the role of a decorated astronaut who is embarking on his final voyage to space, one he would never suspect would end like this. Clooney kids around with mission control saying “Houston, I have a bad feeling about this mission,” which seems to immediately turn into a horrible reality.

Suddenly debris from a foreign satellite seem to hurdle themselves towards Bullock and Clooney cutting them off from the spaceship. What comes around goes around, leaving the pair with little time to formulate how to cope with the next shower of debris.

Extricated from the shuttle, oxygen running low, and the minutes counting down until the debris fires back toward them, they are left with few choices and one fear-inducing problem. With much to fear and little to hope, the two prepare themselves to draw the distinction between life and death.

“Gravity” is an amazing movie from beginning to end. If you’re looking for an innovative thriller, or really just any movie to go and watch, I say with no hesitation, this is a must see.