Great Mexican food for a special occasion

Steak tacos featured on Milagros menu.


Steak tacos featured on Milagros menu.

Colley Loum, Staff Writer

Milagros is a fantastic Mexican restaurant in Redwood City. The restaurant is always booming, and I enjoyed myself while eating there.

The menu has different Hispanic dishes. The Milagros menu has five sections where food is listed: ceviche and guacamole, small plates, salads and soups, special plates, and taqueria.

Ceviche and guacamole and small plates are the two areas of the menu where customers would be able to decide which appetizers or sides they want to have before or with their meal.

Salads and soups, special plates, and taqueria are where customers will find full meal options.

Full dishes featured on the Milagros menu include pozole, carnitas nortenas, enchiladas suiza, grilled chicken tacos, my favorite, Churrasco skirt steak, and many others.

While eating at Milagros, I ordered the Churrasco skirt steak. My meal included the steak, plantains, rice, and beans. The steak was definitely one of the best steaks I have ever had. It was cooked medium and was marinaded with a chimmichuri sauce.

The meat was sliced into multiple pieces. The chimmichuri sauce was slightly spicy, yet very tolerable and added tons of flavor to the steak.

The food proportions are decent. Milagros neither gives its customers very large portion of food nor does it give small portions.

The prices at Milagros are fairly high, and it is very easy to run up one’s bill. Milagros’s prices are definitely too high to be eating there multiple times a week. I believe Milagros is a great place to eat for special occasions.

Besides the prices, the only thing that I do not like about Milagros is that while eating there, one must pay for chips. Though I believe that each Mexican restaurant should offer free chips to its customers, I do not believe having to pay for chips is a good enough reason to not eat at Milagros.

Milagros features indoor and outdoor seating, and a tequila bar.

Milagros is in Downtown Redwood City and is neighbored by the Redwood City Library and Century 20 Theaters.