Grouplove is ‘Spreading Rumours’

Naomi Asrir, Art Team

While there is a certain excitement among the unique and eclectic tracks in Grouplove’s second album, ‘Spreading Rumours,’ it lacks the cohesiveness and consistency to make an album great.

Just two years after their debut release, ‘Never Trust a Happy Song,’ the indie-pop band is back with a new LP. Unfortunately, it fails to live up to the mass appeal of their hit single “Tongue Tied,” which skyrocketed the LA-based group into overnight fame.

While there are bright spots in the album, the majority of the songs are disappointing.

The psychedelic element in “Hippy Hill” is downright unappetizing. Pairing it with a more upbeat background would have softened the transition from nostalgic to chaotic. As of now, it is harder to digest than a pile of nails.

The repetitiveness and insurmountable whining throughout the chorus of “Didn’t Have to Go” gives the listener an instant migraine, and “Bitin’ the Bullet” sounds like child’s play on the keys.

There are, however, a few pivotal tracks worth noting.

“Shark Attack” does a great job of blending electro and beatboxing, while “Ways to Go” is a fun, get-up-and-dance song that recalls the party atmosphere of “Tongue Tied.”  As for “Beans on Pizza,” I have yet to find a song that better questions the use of spray tan inside of a watermelon.

This is not Grouplove’s best work, but tracks such as “Schoolboy” and “Flowers” save it from being just another sophomore slump.