Former Hillsdale High student found guilty of attempted murder

Former Hillsdale High student found guilty of attempted murder

After almost three years of being on trial, the notorious Hillsdale High School bomber, Alex Youshock, was found guilty of attempted murder on Friday, May 13.

On the morning of the attack in 2009, Youshock walked on campus with ten pipe bombs in a tactical vest he wore, a chainsaw, and an addition samurai sword as spare weapon.

Youshock clearly suffered from some kind of mental disorder. The court appointed doctors believe he is a schizophrenic.

Jurors found Youshock guilty of six different charges, including attempted murder of his former chemistry teacher and possession of bombs.

Alex Youshock’s attorney argued that he would have never committed such an act if he had been in the right state of mind. If Youshock had found sane at the time of the incident he would have faced life in prison.

The former Hillsdale HIgh School student was sentenced to a mental health treatment at Napa State Mental Hospital. If doctors at the facility decide he has recovered his sanity and release him, he will face approximately 25 years behind bars.

Youshock’s family is pleased that he will be receiving the help that is much needed and that he will not receive life in jail. But one question has popped up multiple times throughout the trial: How sick does one need to be in order to not be responsible for their own actions?


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