How to avoid rainy day outfit mishaps


Leather jackets and Hunter rain boots are choice clothing items during the rainy season.

Angela Perez de Tagle, Staff Writer

As the rainy day blues set in, mornings bring about hurried decision-making in regards to appropriate wet-weather attire.

A little spring drizzle is much appreciated in times of drought, and many students truly enjoy the presence of rain. However, the unexpected changes in Bay Area weather make it difficult to leave home knowing your clothing is safe from wet-weather destruction.

Leather jackets and Hunter rain boots are choice clothing items during the rainy season.
Leather jackets and Hunter rain boots are choice clothing items during the rainy season.

“I love when it rains, but hate when it comes so randomly, especially if I’m wearing new shoes or something. Certain clothes just aren’t meant to get wet,” said senior Jorge Rodriguez.

In general, the first question students might ask on a rainy day is simply, “What should I wear today?”

Straightforward enough, but overwhelming when considering the extensive list of prospective rainy day outfits available to them.

For starters, students can narrow down the long list of clothing items typically found in their closets by eliminating outfits that should clearly not be worn in the pouring rain.

Certain materials and styles are plainly accepted by society as inappropriate rainy day attire. Shorts, flip flops and sleeveless shirts are customarily identified as major no-no’s.

“The idea is to protect yourself from the rain, not drown in it,” said Rodriguez.

Often, it is wise to avoid wearing delicate materials and fabrics such as suede and silk. Wet weather could damage the texture of silk clothing, and muddy grounds will stain suede boots and shoes.

In contrast, rain-appropriate attire should generally be water-proof, stain-resistant, and comfortable. This entails sweaters, coats, boots and scarves.

Thick sweaters and rain coats are ideal to keep water from seeping through. Trenchcoats and leather jackets (even leatherette) can also keep students dry during the rain.

Oftentimes rain does not necessarily imply cold temperatures, therefore wind-breakers and simple fleece hoodies will typically be sufficient.

In addition, it is wise to avoid wearing lighter colored shoes and, as Rodriguez mentioned, brand new shoes. For girls, boots can be the perfect combination of cute, comfortable, and water-proof on rainy days.

Affordable but stylish coats and jackets for teens can be found at Forever 21, H&M and Urban Outfitters. Prices range from as low as $30 and up to $100 or higher.

Hunter, a trending brand for rain boots, can be purchased at department stores such as Nordstrom for $140. For those who are not particularly brand-conscious, more affordable rain boots can be found at Target for as low as $30.

“I don’t mind clothing that is not branded as long as it looks good, fits well, and keeps me dry,” said Rodriguez.