How to Survive High School Day 19: Learn to balance sports and school


Ashley Kawakami, Highlander Editor-in-Chief

Student athletes really are a need breed of students.

Somehow student athletes go to school, practice, and do homework all in one day.

As a freshman I tried to do it all: competitive club soccer, JV track, JV soccer, school, and whatever else life had decided to throw on me. I ended up trying to take everything day by day, pulling all night-ers, doing homework during lunch and in class. It was hard to keep track of everything– in other words I was a mess.

Then as a sophomore I decided to only play club soccer and school soccer, and even that was a constant struggle. Most days I wouldn’t get started on homework until after I ate dinner and showered at 8 o’clock. Being swamped, I was forced to get myself organized to be successful. I wrote down everything and I started using my calender and syncing it to every single device I could.

Being a student athlete is not easy, and most people underestimate how difficult it can be, I know I did.

To anyone who even is going to attempt to be a student athlete make sure you know your priorities. What comes first: school or your sport? I would also say that you really need to figure out how you are going to fit everything in to your schedule. Lastly, do your homework as soon as you can. Even if you are dead tired, you’ll thank yourself later.

Stay positive and keep working your way through it no matter how difficult it is. I promise that eventually there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The life of a student athlete.