How to Survive High School Day Six: Satisfy your interest through clubs


Team 100 – Carlmont’s, Woodside’s, and Sequoia’s 2012-13 robotics team

Daniel Wang, Staff Writer

Team 100 - Carlmont's, Woodside's, and Sequoia's 2012-13 robotics team
Team 100 – Carlmont’s, Woodside’s, and Sequoia’s 2012-13 robotics team

Two days before middle school graduation, the robotics team for Carlmont, Woodside, and Sequoia visited Tierra Linda and gave us eighth graders a presentation on why we should join robotics. Although my eighth-grade self was interested in joining after the show, most of my friends weren’t interested, so I put my interest aside.

Instead of repeating my mistake – freshman, make the most out of the luxury of having a vast array of clubs to select from in high school. Ranging from Robotics to Gay Straight Alliance and from Cycling to Swing Club, there is something to suit anyone’s interest and passion.

In addition to discovering something you’re keen about, clubs also have other major perks. For one, clubs are a great way to meet new friends who share common interests with you. Also, being involved with a few clubs definitely helps your chances of getting into a top college.

All in all, my advice for you freshmen is to find a club you seem interested in and join it, regardless of what your friends do. Utilize the plethora of opportunities your four years at Carlmont provides for you and make the best out of these four years.