“Human Resources”: What goes on in our hormones’ minds?


Human Resources / Netflix / IMDb / Fair use

“Human Resources” tells the more personal story of characters from the Netflix original series, “Big Mouth”.

The new spinoff of Netflix’s original series “Big Mouth,”Human Resources,” comes with new storylines and characters, all based on the personal lives of the hormone monsters. These creatures were created after aliens came to Earth, releasing the hormones of humans, a well-known joke within the show.

Instead of focusing on the progression of puberty in middle schoolers like “Big Mouth,” “Human Resources” focuses on the work and personal lives of all the creatures in H.R., the workplace of the monsters. Here, they are assigned their roles, clients, and their careers with adults. Because of the sexual nature of the show, it is rated TV-MA for mature audiences, but if you are a fan of “Big Mouth,” I promise that you will enjoy this too. The show introduces new characters and beloved favorites, including the hormone monsters Maury and Connie, and new characters including lovebugs, shame wizards, anxiety mosquitos, and more.

Each character has a role in the lives of humans to create the experience that is our life, and every emotion or feeling is represented by characters with personalities that anyone can relate to. Despite all portraying human emotion, each character has unique identities and struggles. The show is open with the feelings we try to hide and makes it an open conversation that can be discussed by people who have felt the same way. While filled with vulgar language and jokes, the show itself has a wholesome and heart-felt underbelly filled with insecurity and love. All the characters who pit themselves against each other just want to be loved and accepted, which is a recurring theme in both shows.

With only ten 30-minute episodes in the first season, “Human Resources” leaves you wanting more, which can hopefully be expected to release early next year. Luckily, we can expect Season 6 of “Big Mouth” to arrive later this year, with the characters moving on to their next step of life, high school; the past five seasons can be watched at any time. Overall, they are both entertaining shows with connecting but separate storylines that you can watch together or apart to put yourself in a fun mood.