How to Survive High School Day 15: If you are a loner, you’re not alone

How to Survive High School Day 15: If you are a loner, you're not alone

Dominic Gialdini, Highlander Editor

Do you remember that first day of high school when you knew everybody and felt like you fit in perfectly with a certain group of people and everything was just perfect? Neither do I.

For many students, the sheer size of Carlmont’s population can initially be overwhelming. Adjusting to this change after four years of attending a middle school that has less than half of the amount of students at Carlmont may not come easy.

Feeling alone in a hallway flooded with hundreds of unfamiliar faces is completely normal, and although it seems as if one will feel this way for the duration of their time at high school, this is not the case. Soon enough, people begin mingling and making new friends.

For those of you who have anxiety over not knowing very many people, relax. In due course, you too will get over the socially awkward beginning phase of high school.


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