In It to Win It meeting sparks class rivalry

This year’s theme: Race to the Future


Leanna Gower

Cooper Perez, a sophomore, reveals the theme of this year’s In It to Win It night.

As Homecoming rolls around, so do the Homecoming activities, such as In It to Win It: a night of competitions and games between classes that fosters unity, and ignites the age-old class rivalries. 

This year, In It to Win It takes place from 6 to 9 p.m. on Oct. 22, and Associated Student Body (ASB) held a meeting to preview the upcoming competition. 

“It is a very fun competition, and it allows students to have fun in a stress-free way,” said Sasha Belov, a sophomore on the ASB Assemblies commission that is currently planning the In It to Win It night.

“It is going to be so fun, we are going to play hide and seek throughout the entire campus, capture the flag on the football field, and then dodgeball on the tennis courts. We’ll also have other fun activities that are a surprise for those who show up,” Belov said. 

Leanna Gower
Those in charge of the competition preview the festivities in a slideshow.

In It to Win It includes not only friendly competition but also dinner and snacks throughout the night.

“It’s super easy to sign up, you just text the code @rcfuture to 81010, and then you’re signed up for the Remind, and getting all the notifications,” said Riley Baum, a sophomore in ASB. Information and sign up forms are located in and outside A8 for those who still want to sign up.

The meeting brought excitement to the event for all in attendance, returning competitors, and those new to the night. “I’m looking forward to the hide and seek game. It will be super fun because everyone will be around the school, all playing in a massive game together,” said Viraj Singh, a freshman. The hide and seek game is often the favorite competition of the night, as the classic game is leveled up with a larger playing field, and higher stakes.

“People should come because it’s a lot of fun, and it helps bring the overall spirit up in the school,” said Edrina Hamzeh, a senior and the Assemblies Commission facilitator. 

Leanna Gower
Students gather to hear the theme of this year’s In It to Win It competition.

This year, ASB is hoping to boost attendance to the underrated homecoming event, because it helps bring classes together, and creates a friendly rivalry. “The more participation we get, the more numbers we get, the more fun we have, and the more dubs we get,” said Jono Sison, the sophomore class president.