Is This Love?


Kimberly Mitchell

Come join four seniors as they explore love and all the facets that come with it.

How does it feel to love someone? 

That the feelings exploding in your chest and traveling wildly through your veins are similar to what this other person has pumping in his or her heart?

That they are experiencing the excitement, the fear, the sweaty palms, and overwhelming emotion at each other’s smile, laugh, and touch?

For generations, philosophers, poets, writers, and scientists have, like many, searched desperately to understand and define love. We, as humans, desire to comprehend, micromanage, label, organize, and put our thoughts and feelings into boxes we can understand, but love is not a concept that can be defined or confined.

Love is experienced differently from person to person, and the way you love a parent is different from the way you love another, or even yourself. Even these categories of platonic, romantic, and self-love are ever-evolving. 

Instead of trying to confine love to one definition, we want to explore love and how other people experience it from multiple perspectives, ranging from newly-in-love couples to singles on their own path to finding self-confidence and, most importantly, self-love. 

You’ll notice that four main people run this column: Kimberly Mitchell, Anna Feng, Sam Chu, and Alena Ruhstaller. We’re all seniors that have gone through unique and strange love experiences, and we want to share them with you! There will also be periodic guest speakers that will help us as we explore the concept of love.

The “Is This Love?” column will follow our journey in discovering what love is and discussing the various aspects of love as well as all of the emotional baggage that comes with it. 

And we want your help! Share your stories of love, loss, or any questions you have by emailing us at [email protected] or tweeting us @IsThisLovePodc