Jewish club off to a strong start


Rebecca Fradkin

Jewish Club’s first official yearbook picture from the 2013-2014 school year.

Becca Fradkin, Scot Scoop Multimedia Editor/Social Media Team

Coming back for their second year, Jewish Club has big plans for involving and connecting the Carlmont community.

Co-president Andrew Wach said, “Our plan for this year is to really engage Carlmont students deeper into the more fun aspects of Jewish religion, outside of a forced religious setting.”

The club was created during second semester of the  2013-2014 school year. At their first meeting last semester, many Jewish and non-Jewish students filed into E-10 to join the club.

Club secretary and senior, Amanda Breslauer said, “It was so great that a lot of students came to our first meeting, including a lot of friends who are not Jewish.”

Along with a Facebook page with more than 80 members, Jewish club officers want to reach as much of the Carlmont community as possible.

Breslauer said, “We plan on having more meetings and more activities outside of school, like Shabbat dinners and celebrating holidays.”

To some, school is meant to be a secular environment, where religion should not have an influence outside of the home or place of worship. Jewish club agrees and respects those religious decisions, and strives to have a safe place for people with religion in common to meet and mingle.

“We don’t want you to be forced to be Jewish. We think its great for Jewish teens to hang out together, learn new things, and eat yummy food,” said Wach.

Additionally, any student with any religious affiliation is encouraged to join the club. “We don’t want to limit the experience to just Jews. We want to educate all religions through the club,” said Wach.

Senior Jenna Mourad said, “Even though I’m not Jewish, I’m a member of the club and I’m excited to learn more about the religion.”

Those who wish to be a part of Jewish club can expect to “celebrate holidays, eat fun food, and learn new aspects of the religion and culture,” said Wach.