Keeping up the winning streak


taken at the scrimmage on Friday Aug. 3

Carlmont football plans on keeping their current winning streak for Friday’s game.

After the 13-7 win last Friday against Gunn, the varsity football team plans on “having a hard work ethic and a positive mindset,” said Coach Marcus Farhad.

The main difference between this year’s varsity team and last year’s team is there are different players.

“The new kids are helping and bringing positive energy,” said Coach Farhad.

This is not to say that the returning players don’t have positive energy towards their team, however the league winning Frosh/Soph boys are helping with the attitude of the overall team.

Junior Sam Boyle was on the Frosh/Soph team last year and when asked about the differences between the two teams he said, “They work you to death which is a good thing it makes you stronger for games.”

Conditioning has become an important procedure for the football team this year. Boyle believes that the more they condition the less tired they will be in the fourth quarter, which means they have an advantage over the other teams.

There is also a lot of chemistry between the players and coaches this year.

“We have a lot of team chemistry and we all want to win. We all love to play and the coaching staff motivates us everyday. We have talent at every position,” said senior Tristan Gasperian.

This is the first year that Coach Farhad and Coach Renne George have coached at the varsity level.

To keep up their winning for Friday’s game the team plans on playing “a good mistake free game” against Homestead in San Jose.

taken at the scrimmage on Friday Aug. 3