Kind Week spreads love and acceptance


Estella Lippi

Sophomore Kayla Gustafson and senior Alyssa Fine pose for a photograph to celebrate Kind Week.

Connor Lin, Staff Writer

As students pass by one another throughout the school day, some keep their heads down, avoiding conversation at all costs. Other students offer friendly smiles and small talk.

Although kindness can have long-lasting effects, it is not as common as Carlmont ASB hopes it will be someday.

Kind Week, a spirit event hosted by ASB was designed to encourage the spread of kindness.

Many activities during the week, organized by the Do Something Commission of ASB, will promote love and support among the student body.

ASB member Shelby Young said, “During Kind Week, ASB will set up a compliment station where people can send compliments and candy to their friends. Chalk messages around campus and positive notes on parked cars are other ways that ASB is working to spread kindness.”

In the week prior to Kind Week, Carlmont was visited by Houston Kraft, a motivational speaker advocating for the spread of kindness.

“Having Kind Week right after listening to Houston Kraft speak was definitely a good idea because the assembly opened my eyes, and now the spirit week is reinforcing the ideas that he mentioned,” said senior Elyse Geimer.

Though perceived by many as a simple task, Kind Week was designed with the intention of increasing the amount of acceptance at Carlmont.

Administrative Vice Principal Grant Steunenberg said, “Being kind and friendly requires a specific state of mind. Kindness is an ideology of school culture that should be embraced and embodied by the students of Carlmont.”

Many students found the spirit week to be a very valuable contribution to the Carlmont community because it reminds people of the simplicity of kindness.

Sophomore Amy Fullerton said, “With all of the hate and violence present in society today, having Kind Week at Carlmont is a good idea because it reinforces the idea of making kindness common sense.”

Kraft and many members of ASB aspire to leave a positive impact on the student body.

Young said, “It is important to spread kindness because it helps people to feel safe and supported on campus. When someone is kind, they have the ability to help others feel good about themselves. Kindness can also make someone’s day or week, and even boost their self-confidence.”