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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.

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Lady Gaga debuts ‘Artpop Film’ for ‘G.U.Y.’

Lady Gaga performing on stage. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

Lady Gaga debuted her new music video on NBC for her song “G.U.Y., ” before she made it available online. “G.U.Y. – An ARTPOP Film” was nearly 12 minutes long, exceeding the length of “Telephone,” and featured four of her songs from her new album “Artpop.”

The video, directed by Gaga, contained snippets of the songs “Artpop” and “Venus” towards the beginning of the video. It continued with the completed version of “G.U.Y.” and “MANiCURE” was played during the credits.

Right before the video premiered Lady Gaga tweeted, “It is like the Gay Super Bowl at our HAUS. Thank You to all the monsters who have supported me through thick and thin. THIS ONE’S FOR YOU!”

“I heard the video was based on real life situations where Lady Gaga was betrayed by her inner circle,” said senior Lauren Livengood. “Then she obviously exaggerated the whole thing and made it weird.”

The first shots of the video included the singer donning feathered wings with her face down in dirt. Several men in suits walked away with her money while she struggled with an arrow through her heart.

Gaga then made her way to Hearst Castle and was placed in a pool of water. She then emerged out of the pool in a new outfit and “G.U.Y” began.

The stars of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” made a cameo in the video, playing her backing band in pink outfits. The executive producer of the show, Andy Cohen, also made an appearance as he peered out of the clouds in the sky.

The video also included the resurrection of Michael Jackson and Jesus, Gaga in a long white wig, and multiple dance sequences.

Many seem to think Lady Gaga has been working on reclaiming her queen of pop title after a rough 2013.

Senior Iman Fawahl said, “I definitely think Lady Gaga is trying to work her way back up to the popularity she used to have. She’s still popular but she has lost her spark and I think everyone has noticed.”

Gaga’s comeback single, “Applause,” was a huge success with the fans but was overshadowed by Katy Perry’s, “Roar.” Perry’s single sold almost 3 times as many copies than, “Applause.”

There was also the VMA’s in which the singer opened the show with “Applause” which was apparently a crowd pleaser to some.

“Gaga’s performance at the VMA’s was everything you expect out of Lady Gaga performance so it was obviously entertaining. But, no one was talking about it once it was over,” said junior Jessika Ruiz.

Instead, most people were stuck on Miley Cyrus’ performance.

“I agree with the idea that Lady Gaga is trying to reclaim her spot as the queen of pop with her new music video,” said Livengood.

Tickets for Gaga’s upcoming concert in San Jose on June 3 are still available and on sale now.

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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.
Lady Gaga debuts ‘Artpop Film’ for ‘G.U.Y.’