Lady Scots finish strong


Lauren Tierney, Staff Writer

Carlmont’s Junior Varsity Volleyball team won their final game Thursday night, successfully placing them second overall in the league.

The Lady Scots beat South San Francisco in an easy two games placing them second in league this year.  The team team has fought hard all season and defied all expectations people had for them finishing with a 12-2 record.

Sophomore Brooke Miller stated, “We have become so much closer as a team and I am so proud of the turnout this season because no one expected it to be as good as last year.”

Last year the JV Volleyball team set the bar very high for this years team as they finished overall first in league with a 13-1 record. This year the team fell just behind them, but overall did so much more than expected of such an inexperienced team.

Thursday night’s win may not have been the toughest game for the Lady Scots, but showed how far the team has come to make wins look so easy. From the start the team showed promising signs of success and Thursday was just another example of that.

Coach Taylor Chung put it best we he said, “We worked through an uphill battle and had little victories inlayed with amazing moments along the way.”

Sophmore Daphne Swartz stated, “ I’m very proud of our team and how we’ve done, we worked hard to get here and we all deserve it. With the combination of Taylor’s coaching and experience on the court I feel like we had a successful season. I think our game against MA was the highlight of the season and shows how we can step up and work together.”

The Lady Scots gave first place team Menlo-Atherton their only loss in league this year.

Emotions flew high Thursday night as the players and coaches seemed in awe of the accomplishments of the team this season.  Such a hard working teams effort had finally payed off.

This years team was such a young and inexperienced team made up of nine freshman and seven sophomores making their accomplishments all the greater.

After a such a shocking season this year, it makes one wonder what is to come for years ahead.