Late start and block schedule debated again


Lily Bakour

Junior Kimberly Lane, working hard on homework after school, said, “Having late start would be really beneficial to me, and I hope they do proceed with it.”

Lily Bakour, Staff Writer

School officials are discussing a later start and block schedule for the school year of 2016-2017.

Instructional Vice Principal Jennifer Cho said, “About every four years, the idea of a late start and block schedule come up in a board meeting. Stanford has done studies that show that students who get more sleep can achieve more and are able to comprehend more information at school.”

According to Cho, one of the main reasons that these ideas are usually turned away is the morning traffic situation, but the school board is looking to find a solution.

Since Carlmont is the only school in its district that hasn’t adapted to a later start and block schedule, administration is confident that they will get it right if they plan to do so.

Principal Ralph Crame said, “There is an 80 to 85 percent chance that the school will modify to a late start since Ralston [Middle School] will most likely start at an earlier time. That opens a slot for us.”

Although moving to a late start school day is a significant change, students and parents are having more trouble adjusting to the idea of having a block schedule.

Sophomore Cate Armstrong said, “I would love to have a late start because it will be more accommodating to my life, since I play sports and do other activities after school. The block schedule is harder for me to accept since it would be really different for each of my classes.”

As testing will occur on the week of Oct. 26-Oct. 29, the students will see how block schedule affects their day, and they can compare it to their traditional set of classes they have now.

Cho made it clear that the new ideas are still in the “infant stage,” and it will be further discussed in future meetings.

Students, teachers, parents, guardians, and many others will be able to voice their opinions about the subject when the surveys come out to the public in the near future.