Update: Proposed later start bell schedule will not start next year

Update: Proposed later start bell schedule will not start next year
Picture taken by Justin Raisner


On Wednesday, Mar.30, the school board decided to dismiss the change to a late start schedule for the 2011-2012 school year. Instead, the bell schedule will remain unchanged for next year.

Since the first mention of a changed start time, the Carlmont campus has been divided between students who embraced the change, and those who preferred that things stay the same.

After the school board decided to enact the late start schedule in the 2011-2012 school year, new information came to light about how this new schedule would negatively affect traffic and its financial state. “I’m glad [the school board] took our findings into consideration,” said Principal Raul Zamora.

One of the major problems posed by the new schedule was transportation from East Palo Alto to Carlmont. Had the late stat schedule started next fall, the school would have to purchase additional buses and bus drivers to get the students from E. Palo Alto to school on time.

The administration will continue to review the transportation problems for the E. Palo Alto students. Their findings will be presented at the January and February school board meeting next year.

Administrators have deliberated over the idea of having E. Palo Alto students start at what would be zero period with the late start schedule, but until a definitive plan is produced, Carlmont will continue with “business as usual,” Zamora concluded.

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