Laurel Street Clean Up unites the community


Julia Roseborough

Sophomores Eliot Ozaki and Sergio Contreras work together to successfully clean up the bushes on Laurel Street.

Local community members, from ages 12 to 18, joined with the San Carlos Youth Advisory Council on Oct. 26 to restore their downtown area, picking up any trash they saw along the streets.

This event, put on by the Youth Center of San Carlos and Parks and Recreation Department, began at 9 a.m. and continued for three hours. Since it was the first year this kind of event had taken place, the clean-up had a limit on attendees, allowing room for 40 kids.

Enthusiastic teens filled up every single spot available. Although many trash pickups have taken place around the world, this is the first large one occurring locally on Laurel Street.

Event Coordinator Caitlyn Matoso is optimistic about the future of these events.

“This is the first of many events I would say. We hope to make this one of many annual events,” Matoso said.

The timing of this event was crucial. The night before, on Oct. 25, the Goblin Walk of San Carlos took over Laurel Street. With a lot of trash and many people on the street during the event, the Parks and Recreation Council thought the next morning would be the perfect time for a clean-up.

Many of the volunteers participating take part in clubs at Carlmont and joined this event for community service hours.

“I volunteered for the event through Carlmont’s Club of Helping Others (COHO). I’ve taken part in other events like this one, and I hope to get volunteer hours and help to pick up trash,” sophomore Merrick Fort said.

Another volunteer, sophomore Mia Sher, shared similar sentiments as to why she contributed to the event.

“I am in Key Club. We need hours of volunteer work, and I wanted to help our community,” Sher said.

Although she attended through Key Club as well, freshman Maya Brazil discussed the broader benefits of coming to participate in this event.

“I hope that we can make sure this area is clean by directly helping out. I hope that other people will see us, and maybe they’ll participate next year,” Brazil said.

As a service to the local community, these volunteers, along with many others, worked hard as they helped to keep the ever growing streets of San Carlos clean.