Library limits services as school year ends

As the 2011 school year comes to a close, students are not the only ones packing up and getting ready for summer vacation. The Carlmont librarians are working hard to make sure the library is in perfect shape before shutting it down for the long break.
Because the library does not collect textbooks until late May to allow students to study out of them, the Carlmont library will be limiting their usual services including computer use and the use of the study area.
Sophomore student Tanner Piety, expressed a bit of anxiety about the upcoming closing date, “I think that it’s going to be hard for some kids to not have the library as a source of quiet space to work. Using the Carlmont library was something that was beneficial for students.”
Paul Yeung, a junior, shared a different opinion, “I don’t really mind because I don’t really use the library to study anyways. The Belmont library is just down the street and I usually go over work instead of textbooks to study.”
Textbook collection will begin on May 23. The specific date as to when each textbook will be collected depends on class and subject.

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