Little Shanghai hits its mark


The wine taste without the alcohol.

Little Shanghai, located at 17 E 25th Ave. right off of S El Camino Real, offers delicious food but only okay service.
They boast a large menu ranging from dumplings to rice plates that are fairly priced and good quality.
I started with the Steamed Dumplings as an appetizer. They were cooked to perfection. The casing was delicate and soft and complimented the meat inside perfectly. I took my first bite and all the delectable flavors inside the dumpling came spewing inside my mouth. The meat inside was tender and melted in my mouth.
Next, I ordered a big plate of Shanghai Fried Noodles as my main course. I could not stop myself from scooping seconds over and over again, leaving none for the rest of my family. The dish was simple but tasty. It was composed of bits of beef, Chinese cabbage, and noodles stir fried all together.
Though the food was savory, the service was just adequate. We were seated quickly but found one of our dishes to be dirty. Then, we tried to get a fork for my brother but it took us three times of asking before they finally got my brother a fork. But, in fairness, the food did come out in fifteen minutes and the waiters were friendly.
In conclusion, if you don’t mind prodding the waiters a bit in exchange for some quality food then this is a good restaurant for you.
Overall rating: 4/5
Price: $$
Food: 5
Service: 3/5