Local family restaurant that everyone can enjoy


Canyon Inn, in Redwood City, Calif. provides joyous aspects for people of all ages.

Miranda Irwin, Staff Writer

One option of food at Canyon Inn is their delicious grilled cheese and thin cut, crispy french fries.
One option at Canyon Inn is their delicious grilled cheese and crispy, thin-cut French fries.

Hidden in Redwood City, Calif. is a small restaurant called Canyon Inn. On the outside it may not look like the most extravagant restaurant, but once you enter through the heavy wooden door, you will find yourself greeted by a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere.

Canyon Inn would probably be most accurately described as a family-friendly, American restaurant. Canyon Inn serves anything from cheesy mozzarella sticks to perfectly-cooked burgers. Fortunately, if a picky younger sibling goes to Canyon Inn with the family, he or she can get a simple order of mac and cheese or French fries.

When I went to Canyon Inn this past week, I ordered a grilled cheese and French fries. I am a huge fan of Canyon Inn’s French fries. I have become quite addicted to these fries and often find myself craving them, sometimes during random hours of the night.

I had never tried the grilled cheese at Canyon Inn, but I was definitely satisfied with the dish. It had cheddar and Swiss cheese that were melted to the perfect consistency on whole wheat bread.

While the food is always delicious, one of the most appealing parts of the restaurant is its atmosphere. The interior is set up with wooden booths that can seat up to six people along one of the walls. There are also bigger tables with chairs in the middle of the restaurant.

The walls of Canyon Inn are covered in photographs, magazine cutouts and sports photos signed by local athletes.
The walls of Canyon Inn are covered with photographs, magazine cutouts, and sports photos signed by local athletes.
A customer sits in one of the booths at Canyon Inn and waits for his meal to be brought to him.
A customer waits for his meal at Canyon Inn.

Covering the walls are old photographs of people and places, cut outs of magazines and autographed photos of baseball players or local football stars, giving the restaurant a family friendly yet nostalgic sort of vibe.

As far as the entertainment at Canyon Inn goes, there are televisions showing sports games for parents or friends to kick back and watch. Along the back wall of the restaurant are some arcade games for kids, or adults, to play while waiting for their food or for the rest of their party to finish eating.

Canyon Inn’s family-friendly feel, somewhat sports-oriented theme, and affordable yet delicious food all add to the overall impression of the restaurant. I would, and do, recommend Canyon Inn to all of my friends and family.