Locker art sweeps over Carlmont


Noelle Erslovas

Helen’s locker was decorated with different elements such as leaves and a Spotify link for her birthday.

Locker decorations have become a new way for friends to surprise one another for different occasions. Whether it be for birthdays or half-birthdays, these new artistic features have been popping up throughout the halls of Carlmont recently.

Students find many ways to express their creativity, lockers being one of them. One of the main reasons for this inspiration is to surprise students’ friends for their birthday. 

“My friend Ainsley and I decorated each other’s lockers for my birthday and her half birthday because they’re on the same day,” said Helen Furman, a Carlmont sophomore. “Even though we knew that we were each going to decorate each other’s lockers, we were still very excited to see them.” 

Helen decorated Ainsley’s locker for her half-birthday. (Noelle Erslovas)

Just as students had decorated one locker, so began more to start showing up. This mini-project gave students something to look forward to in the hopes of surprising their friends. These projects, however, did not need permission from any faculty members. Kylie Rouspil, a sophomore at Carlmont, explained the first step she and her friends took to start this project.

“No, we didn’t get any permission from the administration at school, and our friend said it was okay for us to decorate her locker in the first place,” Rouspil said.

Rouspil and her friends asked for their friend’s favorite things to get inspiration for decorating her locker. Claire Kettwig, a Carlmont sophomore, described the next step in designing the parts to accessorize her locker.

Even though we knew that we were each going to decorate each other’s lockers, we were still very excited to see them.”

— Helen Furman

“It was an enjoyable process to carry out,” Kettwig said. “One of my friends made her a happy birthday sign with her name on it, and another drew her a sign that said happy birthday with minions. Another friend even printed out a picture of Lana Del Ray to pull the whole thing together.”

Although receiving a decorated locker was an enjoyable surprise, Abby Yim, a sophomore at Carlmont, explained how the process of making it was just as enjoyable too.

“I enjoyed creating and putting so much effort into a sign for her locker; I think it was a fun way to celebrate her birthday,” Yim said.

Even students who have not decorated a locker have noticed the art throughout the halls. Richie Mondragon, a junior at Carlmont, shares his opinion on the locker art.

Zhanna’s friends decorated her locker for her birthday. (Noelle Erslovas)

“It’s not something I would do, but I think it’s an artistic and creative way to show a nice gesture,” he said.

The completion of this significant project allowed friends who made it to enjoy their art and for the students of Carlmont to admire it as well. A clever idea to brighten the monotonous pattern of lockers throughout the halls allowed for a fun project for friends to accomplish and a pleasant piece of art for students to admire as they walk to their next class.