‘Love Stuff’ mixes soul with alternative

The song Exs & Ohs was given platinum status by Music Canada.

Cover of Elle King's debut studio album "Love Stuff" / Dustin Cohen / Wikipedia / RCA Records Fair use

The song “Ex’s & Oh’s” was given platinum status by Music Canada.

Elle King

Kiera Pendleton-White, Staff Writer

Elle King starts out strong with her debut album, “Love Stuff.”

The entire album shows off King’s extremely soulful voice while mixing it with an electric guitar and other instruments commonly found in alternative music.

King started out her music career by playing in nightclubs in New York City at 16 years old. She had a fake ID so that she could get into these nightclubs even though she was underage.

She was signed to the RCA records in March 2012 and made her first single, “Good To Be A Man.” In June 2012, her first Extended Play, “ The Elle King EP,” was released.

King has toured with Of Monsters and Men and Train. She also opened for tours of Ed Sheeran and James Bay among others.  

“Love Stuff,” was released in February 2015. The day after it was released, King performed “Ex’s & Oh’s,” the single on the album, on “The Today Show.”

“Love Stuff” starts out with a high energy song called “Where The Devil Don’t Go.” It was a strong start to the album because of its strong backbeat and her thought-provoking lyrics. With lyrics such as: “Cast me down where the devil don’t go, devil don’t go where I make my home,” King portrays an image of being bad and thinking she’s too horrible for the devil. 

The next song on the album is “Ex’s & Oh’s.” The song talks about a series of lovers that keep running back to her, yet she doesn’t want them back. The song includes a tambourine and an acoustic guitar which gives the song a more western feeling which is supplemented by the desert setting of the music video for the song.

One of the lighter songs on “Love Stuff,” “Kocaine Karolina,” starts off with only a banjo which is a nice break from the electric guitar from some of the previous songs on the album. The song also has background singers which give the song a suspended sound and also make it interesting and different from the other songs.

Overall, King’s voice mixing with alternative sounds is intriguing, and her lyrics telling a story gives the music more meaning.

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