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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.

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‘Love Wedding Repeat’ should not be repeated

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Netflix has many TV shows and movies including the newly released movie, “Love Wedding Repeat.”

In the midst of our quarantine where people are forced to stay at home, many choose to watch TV in the hopes of passing the time. Unfortunately, Netflix’s newly released movie,Love Wedding Repeat,” might not be the answer to their prayers. 

On April 10, “Love Wedding Repeat” was released on Netflix. The romantic comedy is now a part of the top 10 shows and movies on Netflix, along with “Tiger King and “Money Heist.”

Based on the French movie “Plan de Table,” “Love Wedding Repeat” strays from being a typical rom-com by showing that sometimes, happy endings are hard to come by and difficult to achieve.

The rom-com opens with Jack and Dina, two characters who hit it off in the time they spent together visiting Italy but were interrupted before their relationship could progress. Years later, Jack is attending his sister’s wedding, where the two reunite.

After the wedding ceremony, one of the bride’s old friends shows up uninvited, claiming to be in love with her. The bride, worried that he would ruin the wedding, tells Jack to spike his drink with a heavy sedative she had been using to sleep better.

After Jack puts the sedative in the drink, a group of children switches the seating order at the table, and the maid of honor takes the sedative instead. Problem after problem arises, and Jack has to try to fix everything before it gets worse.

The movie later illustrates multiple possibilities of how the wedding would have played out if different characters took the sedative as the day repeats itself. After seeing the different possibilities play out, one character’s possibility allows for the best scenario for all, concluding the comedy. 

Unfortunately, despite the happy ending, “Love Wedding Repeat” left much to be desired. Because the movie only shows possibilities of what could happen, viewers are left unsatisfied and wondering if the happy ending actually occurred. 

Despite this, the movie made for a good laugh and had a gorgeous setting as the wedding takes place in Rome. However, “Love Wedding Repeat” did not meet my expectations because the day repeating itself, as implied in the name of the movie, felt rushed and misleading, as we only really got to see two possibilities unfold.

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Adri ten Cate
Adri ten Cate, Staff Writer
Adri ten Cate is a sophomore at Carlmont High School and this is her first year in the Media Arts program. She loves the class because it gives her the chance to get involved in the community. Twitter: @AdriRose12

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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.
‘Love Wedding Repeat’ should not be repeated