Mixed report card for new finals schedule


Senior Kalila Kirk takes a math test.

Josh Fagel, Staff Writer

An onslaught of whining and cheering has stormed the Carlmont campus in reaction to the new finals schedule.

Last year, after a regular school day on Monday, students took finals on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, with three finals on Tuesday for students with seven periods. This semester, finals week will run Monday through Wednesday for periods one through six, and Thursday for seventh period.

Senior Kalila Kirk takes a math test.
Senior Kalila Kirk takes a math test.

“Why did the administration even change it?” asked senior Nate Fischer, representing a common sentiment around Carlmont.

The primary reason, according to Instructional Vice Principal Ralph Crame, was “students [previously] having to take three finals in one day. Some students were extremely stressed out knowing they had to sit through three 2-hour finals on one day.”

“I remember when I had a seventh period. The first day of finals with six hours of testing was awful!” said senior Jessie Real.

The other factor warranting the schedule change, Crame explained, was that in the past, the Monday of finals week was viewed as “not really necessary.”

Social Studies teacher Karen Ramroth also said that Monday was “a wasted day for a majority of students.”

Not every student shared the faculty’s assessment of the Monday that used to precede finals.

“That extra Monday has always been a day for final study sessions in the past and now that has to happen on Sunday which throws off the whole weekend,” said senior Alex Kumamoto.

However, this controversial new schedule was not an executive decision by Crame.

“This issue was first discussed last spring with the Instructional Leaders of each department. The group presented a few options to change the schedule. Each department discussed the options presented and voted earlier this fall for the schedule we have now in place for this year,” said Crame.

“Students dislike the new schedule simply because it’s a change from the previous schedule. In a few years, not a single student will question it,” said Ramroth.