Moth outbreak gains increasing attention

Moth outbreak gains increasing attention


Although they may not seem noisy or disruptive, many people have begun to notice the outbreak of moths.

The Phryganidia Californica, or California Oak Moth, has large population outbreaks every 8-10 years, one of which is occurring.

These moths are native to California and can only be found in California and Oregon. They feed on oak trees and have two generations every year, but population booms aren’t as common.

When the population booms, many trees become decimated with hundreds of moths eating them away.

The oak moth may seem to be pleasant, but the huge numbers have grabbed the attention of some students.

Junior Matt Stalun said, “I dont’t mind how many moths there are all of a sudden but it seems like their huge numbers would have an impact on the ecosystem.”

The moths feed on oak trees, mainly eating between the veins on the lower leaf surface then causingthe leaves to dry out and turn brown.

Stalun went on to say, “there are a lot of oak trees in my backyard so I am a little worried that they will die, but I also think that the moths will die away soon and my trees will live.”

Oak trees are a major part of the population cycles and the many of the trees have survived past outbreaks and will probably face another outbreak in a decade.