‘New Girl’: new twists, new surprises

New Girl Season 2 Promotional Poster

New Girl Season 2 Promotional Poster

Tara Ebrahimpour, Staff Writer

New Girl Season 2 Promotional Poster
New Girl Season 2 Promotional Poster

New Girl, a highly popular TV show amongst teenage girls, is wrapping up its second season. It has been highly successful since it first aired on Fox in 2011. It has been nominated for two Golden Globe awards and five Emmy awards.

It stars Zooey Deschanel as Jess. Other recurring characters include Jake Johnson as Nick, Max Greenfield as Schmidt, Lamorne Morris as Winston, and Hannah Simone as Cece.

The story follows the life of middle school teacher, Jess, who lives with her boyfriend in Los Angeles. She later finds him cheating, leaves him, and goes on a quest to find new roommates.

Later, she tries to become roommates with her best friend Cece and her model friends, which doesn’t work out. She moves in with three random guys that she found on Craigslist, Nick, Max, and Schmidt.

Jess has her ups and downs when it comes to finding the right man. But has Mr. Right been in front of her all along?

Fans have anxiously been waiting for the moment when Nick and Jess got together. They shared the biggest moment of the season when they had their first kiss.

“I think the most memorable moment was when Jess and Nick kissed, because all the fans wanted it to happen and so I’m sure many people fell out of their chairs,” said junior Sarah Burry.

As the show progresses, the characters have grown and developed, becoming more and more complex.”

“Jess has changed the most because she used to be very innocent but now she has evolved into a more practical, down to earth person,” said sophomore Maddy McGee.

“My favorite character is Schmidt because he is hilarious. I loved the show when it first started and I think it keeps getting better. I want to see Nick and Jess work out,” said sophomore Erin Lucett.

“I’m gonna say Schmidt [has changed the most] because in recent episodes, he’s become more mature. The show has gotten better since it first started, it gets funnier and funnier,” said sophomore Vinka Radich.

The second season finale will be held on May 14, were fans will be waiting to see where Jess and Nick’s relationship will go.

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