New Kanye album is worth the wait



Kanye raps some verses behind the album cover for “The Life of Pablo.”

Josef Gonzalez, Staff Writer

After many years of waiting, Kanye West finally released his seventh studio album on Feb. 14, 2016, called “The Life of Pablo.”

He released “The Life of Pablo” exclusively on (a music service owned by Kanye and Jay-Z) which led to a lot of people pirating it. The album is in high demand and still to this day extremely hard to obtain.

Junior Liam Jocson said, “I downloaded the album on a leaked website. It was extremely hard to get. I feel like Kanye is trying to make a statement to go against the big corporations such as Apple and is trying to say that the album is only for the people who are willing to follow him.”

Many people downloaded the album off leaked websites because that was the only way to listen to Kanye’s new album for free. It’s risky, but if you manage to get a hold of the album, it will pay off.

Kanye featured well-known artists like Frank Ocean, Chance the rapper, Ty Dolla Sign, The Weeknd, and Chris Brown. These features made the album much better because all these artists added a different taste and rhythm to the songs.

Sophomore Grant Norman said, “I love the new album. My favorite song is ‘Waves’ because I like the lyrics and the good beat. I think the album was poorly released, but the songs made up for that.”

The album was one of Kanye’s best pieces of work. The songs had a classic Kanye sound to them, unlike “Yeezus.” “Yeezus” was made up of a lot of loud noises and yelling, while “The Life of Pablo” was more gospel, as said by Kanye himself.

Freshman Muath Nofal said, “I liked this album because Kanye was less aggressive than his past few songs, even though he called many people out in the album.”

It is unknown why Kanye named his album “The Life of Pablo,” but it is most likely named after drug lord Pablo Escobar or painter Pablo Picasso.

Overall the album was great. The wait for a new Kanye album was worth it. “The Life of Pablo” was one of the best albums that has been released this year. All the aspects of the album were amazing. Everything was perfectly tuned and on beat.