Halloween with ASB allows students to treat themselves


Audrey Finigan

Valeriia Stepanova grabs her treats from Matthew Miskelly.

Halloween: the one day of the year when children can go sugar-crazy, dress freely, and stay up past bedtime. 

Carlmont’s Associated Student Body (ASB) strives to bring back that feeling for students this Halloween.

ASB provided candy to teachers who wanted to hand out treats from their classrooms so students could walk around campus to pick up candy from different teachers. ASB also decorated C hall with various Halloween decorations and named it the haunted hallway to summon spirit amongst students.  

“My goal is for everyone to forget about school for a little bit and have some fun, wear their costumes, and eat some candy,” said Natalie Dronskiy, a vice president of ASB. Dronskiy planned both the haunted hallway and the trick-or-treating event.

Aubrey Button leaves Michelle McKee’s classroom, lollipops in hand. (Audrey Finigan)

Dronskiy was already planning on decorating C hall for Halloween when her friend brought up the idea of trick-or-treating. She thought it would be great for students to take time off from the stress of school and have fun.

“I think school is important, but taking these breaks for yourself is really important, too,” Dronskiy said.

Students roamed the halls during lunch to admire the decorations and went from class to class to receive candy. ASB members encouraged dressing up, and costumes ranged from painters to athletes to even aliens.

“I loved all the costumes and getting to trick-or-treats with friends I don’t normally go with,” said sophomore Kiana Choi.

ASB planned events all around the school to help students enjoy the holiday and take a break. If students were not trick-or-treating, they could partake in various activities in the quad, including a race to finish a pumpkin pie or to guess the smells of random objects.

According to Greer Stone, a teacher who participated in the fun, teachers handing out candy were excited to participate in ASB’s fun activities and meet new students through trick-or-treating. The activity had great support from the teachers as it allowed not only students to take a break from school to enjoy the holiday, but teachers as well.

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“I was asked to hand out candy, and I enthusiastically accepted it. It’s nice to meet students that I’ve never met before and see different costumes,” Stone said.

This is the first year ASB held a school-wide trick-or-treating, and Dronskiy was satisfied with its success. The haunted hallway and trick-or-treating brought a great Halloween vibe to the school. They will continue to plan similar events in future years, according to Dronskiy. 

Dronskiy wanted the teenagers of Carlmont to take a walk down memory lane and get the opportunity to relive their youth again. Most teenagers don’t get the chance to go trick-or-treating. In fact, merely 35% of 16-year-olds go trick-or-treating, so ASB’s activities allow high schoolers to experience the same joy as they would have when they were younger.

ASB provided a fun lunchtime for students on Halloween. After all, who doesn’t love free candy?